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Organisation: Foundation Voices of Africa
Project: Nairobi Community Media House & Bobenup Trial
Total amounts: €4,000 (2013) + €6,000 (2015) = €10,000
Date application: 7 August 2013 - 19 June 2014
Date board approval: 19 September 2013 - 19 June 2014
Location: Africa - Kenya, Nairobi


The funding of €4,000 supports the recruitment of two Co-Managing Directors of the Nairobi Community Media House. Recruitment is necessary to increase networking, business development and media sales. Both directors started per Q4 of 2013.

Nairobi Community Media House (NCMH)
NCMH is a start up company and is close to breakeven. It is set up limited company under Kenyan law in July 2011. 50% of the shares are owned by the Dutch based Voices of Africa Media Foundation. The other half of the shares are partly owned by the managing director and partly owned by the current members of staff.

The mission of NCMH is to empower young reporters to become the voice of the community and to contribute to the living standards in these informal settlements. At the same time NCMH helps youngsters from the slums to build up a career in the production of filmed content and supports them to obtain a sustainable source of income so that they can support their families.

NCMH‘s revenues derive from both international as well as local clients. An important revenue stream for the future is the production of TV formats. NCMH revenues for the year 2013 are budgeted at Ksh 6,000,000 and at this level the company will be breaking even. The goal is to double revenues each year from 2014 onwards.

In order to facilitate the expected growth in activities and revenues NCMH will introduce four profit centres, each headed by a manager/project leader

  • C&C (Ceremonies & Celebrations) department
  • Slum Productions
  • TV & Documentaries
  • Bunge Mtaani (monthly screenings in various slums)

Currently NCMH employs a staff of eleven and a few interns. The majority of the staff consists of young people in their early twenties who originate from of the slums in Nairobi. Over the last years they have been trained in the skills of producing films for clients on a commercial basis. One of the series NCMH has been producing is the African Slum Journal that is nearing its 60th episode. NCMH uses high quality film and editing equipment and the production qualities are impressive. Relative weaknesses of the organisation are the commercial (selling) and managerial skills.

The offices of NCMH are based in Donholm.

The role of the new Managing directors

During the first two years of NCMH the emphasis has been on training the staff in skills like scriptwriting, camerawork, sound an editing. At this moment eight people (including the current MD) are involved in production work and three people provide supporting services like ICT, financial administration and security. The role of the new MD will be to professionalize NCMH in the way it operates (both internally and in its relationship with –future- clients) and to increase the revenue levels.
Keywords are the improvement of Work planning, Teamwork, Quality control, Budget control, Productivity enhancement, Coaching, Marketing and Sales.

Full address:
Foundation Voices of Africa
Director Pim de Wit
Julianastraat 30,
2012 ES Haarlem, the Netherlands
Tel : 0031 23 5428366
M : 0031 6 53 77 57 99
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2nd Project under Voices of Africa Media Foundation

After seeing Bobenup! viewers will be motivated and feel empowered to employ their resources in improving life.


Voice of Africa

Bobenup! is a catchy phrase derived from the three words “bob and up,” inspired by the average slum dwellers who earn about ksh. 200,- (2USD) a day to urge them to find a way to increase their earnings.

Bobenup! is the name of a new inspiring television (soap) series empowering low-income earners. The programme intends to help to make choices to create better lives for themselves. Produced will be five items at maximum for each episode; the series can be scaled down into three items with each segment being different and interesting in its own way.

The story setting will be in Nairobi’s informal settlements. The locations hold a potential of stories that emerge from the people who aspire to develop themselves. Bobenup!, aims to give to Kenyan people role models to improve their lives and the realization that they can be the change they want.

The goal is to strive for a minimum earning of 400 bob a day, the minimum amount for a somewhat reasonable live and to escape poverty!

Full address:
Nairobi Community Media House
T +254 (0)720 973 736 | +254 (0)702 272 564
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Office address:
Old Donholm 2nd Court House 75
P.O. Box 36655 – 00200, Nairobi, Kenya