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Organisation: Mercy Ships
Purpose: Renovation Africa Mercy Hospital
Amount: €10,000
Date application:   7 August 2013 by Gramble Foundation
Date board approval:   19 September 2013
Location: Africa

Executive summary

Mercy Ship’s goal is to transform the lives of the world's forgotten poor. One by one. The Africa Mercy hospital ship and land-based teams provide primary medical care, relief aid and community support to the most impoverished people on earth, free of charge. The ship is crewed by 450 volunteers from around the world, delivering medical excellence and developmental programs with integrity and compassion. The project supports renovations that will increase the overall Hospital throughput by 21% while maintaining the current staffing level. For example in the coming period in Congo Democratic Republic we can treat 2239 patients instead of 1880 with the current capacity.


The Patient Flow Management system has shown where most profitable improvements can be made. The Hospital Director, Gerrit Meijerink made the renovation request. After a period of work in Guinea the Africa Mercy has sailed to the Canary Islands in early June for technical maintenance of the ship. The renovation of the hospital will take place during this period. After the maintenance period the Africa Mercy will sail to the Republic of Congo for a new period of operations and helping people in late July.

The Africa Mercy Hospital needs 5 Operating Rooms (ORs ) to run most efficiently. We currently have 6 ORs, two of which cannot be supported by patient flow management or ward space. With the proposed renovations 4 ORs will be fully utilized (3 General Anesthesia Rooms and 1 Ophthalmic Room)
 A 5th OR will be used as a Pre-op / Anesthetic Induction Room / back up OR and as a training platform for Anesthesia.
PACU: The new PACU room (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) will allow for 5 beds, which will fully satisfy the need of the Hospital. (Currently we have 7 PACU beds with only 4 or 5 being utilized.) 1. 5 PACU bed spaces will be adequate for the Hospital even with increased throughput of the ORs.

The more efficient placement of PACU will allow us to convert the current PACU space into a new E-Ward with twelve beds. Additional improvements in the port Pilot’s entrance will allow for another 4 beds. The increase in Hospital throughput will utilize all additional 12 bed spaces in E-Ward. (The ward will be staffed through 100% recruitment of current staffing levels with only minor changes to individual positions.)

The goal is to support the African Mercy to treat 21% more patients than before.



For proposed renovation.

Modification of the several rooms. Materials purchased from Norac
2 € 15.953
Placement of medical provisions. Materials purchased from Beacon Medaes € 5.254

TOTAL € 21.207,=

The renovation is in hands of qualified technical volunteers, under the supervision of Tom Velnosky, senior biomedical systems engineer (also a volunteer). The manager of Procurement, Aad van Noppen will be onboard the Africa Mercy for a week in July to monitor the renovations. The effect will be an increase of 21% more patients treated. Lab staff of four was underutilized. With the increase in Hospital throughput four will be ideal.

Full address:
Gramble Foundation – for Mercy Ships
Director Peter Brenninkmeijer
Louis Couperusplein 2,
2514 HP The Hague, The Netherlands

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