Institute for War & Peace reporting (IWPR)

The one-off contribution of €10,000 supports the start up IWPR Netherlands help strengthening its European and Global network and improve the Dutch weekly service.

Institute for War & Peace reporting (IWPR)
Organisation: Institute for War & Peace reporting
Purpose: Improve the global network and Dutch weekly service
Amount: € 10,000
Date application:   19 June 2014
Date board approval: 19 June 2014
Location: Conflict zones in the world


IWPR gives voice to citizens, journalists and human rights activists in war zones and countries in transition, helping them to effect positive change. IWPR trains and provides platforms for local reporters, strengthening the institutional capacity of local media and community groups, to create space for a locally constructive debate. In more than two-dozen countries, IWPR’s programs prioritise locally informed objectives and lead to sustainable outcomes.

The Institute for War & Peace Reporting is an international non-profit organisation. It registered as a charity in the United Kingdom, an organisation with tax-exempt status in the United States, and a charitable foundation in The Netherlands. Each division is overseen by a Governance Committee, to ensure legal, regulatory and fiscal compliance. The chairs of the respective committees are: Sir David Bell, IWPR-UK; Ralph Isham, IWPR-US; Derk Sauer, IWPR-NL.
IWPR finances and financial policy are overseen by the International Finance Committee, which comprises: UK Treasurer William Gardiner (Committee Chair), US Treasurer Chris Canavan, NL Treasurer Geert Glimmerveen, Finance Director Robyn Mordeno, Executive Director Anthony Borden.

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