Donation: USD 3,500 - around EUR 3,000, (22-12-2020)
Country: Lebanon

The Nour Center is an Educational Center for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Founded in 2013 it aims to meet the educational needs of newly arrived Syrian children and families in Burj El Barajneh. Surveys on the 2017-18 school attendance estimate that between 50-60% of Syrian children living in Lebanon were out of school. Many of those newly arrived families bring with them stories of war and displacement. A safe and supportive environment is critically needed within their receiving community. The Nour Center was founded with that intention.

The Women Program Association believes that the Nour Center, caring for children and youth who are otherwise unable to go to school, is fundamental to the development and well-being of their community.  Students at the Nour Center are able to develop their personal competencies and interpersonal skills at an early age.

With the grant, The Nour Center provides 80 Syrian and Palestinian children with food, education and psychological support activities in the Bourj Berejneh Refugee camp, located in the Southern suburbs of Beirut-Lebanon.

Name organisation

Women Program Association

Contact Person

Mariam Shaar


Location of project: Burj El Barajneh camp

Place, Country

Beirut, Lebanon



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