Donation amout: EUR 10,000 (20-10-2019)
Country: France, Trésorerie de Grimaud
Project: Restauration du moulin de l'Adrech

The grain windmill Adrech was built between 1746 and 1776 and leased at this date for a ground rent by its owner, the honorable Clément Guillabert, surgeon of the village La Garde-Freinet. The tower was roughcast, the wings and the roof were built from pine and the millstone was made in one block from stone of Marseille.

The last known mention of the mill is made in a bill of sale from June 1841. A certain Tropez Ollivier, ancient flour-miller, was forced to sell it in order to pay his debts . The mill was bought by the baker of the village, Antoine Montagnac, against the sum of 2.400 francs and 8 kg of bread per week during his whole life. 20 years later the mill stopped working once and for all.

With the grant of Stichting de Boomgaard and other contributors, restoration of the windmill took place, in order to entrust it to a professional miller, and educate children and adults.

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Moulin de l’Adrech


Chapelle Saint Jean, 83680 La Garde-Freinet





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