Donation amout: EUR 70,000 

  • EUR 30,000 (11-10-2019)
  • EUR 10,000 (28-12-2018)
  • EUR 10,000 (04-04-2016)
  • EUR 20,000 (EUR 10,000 on 26-01-2015 and EUR 10,000 on 02-04-2015)

Country: Suriname
Organisation: Stichting d’ONS

New project for 2020: Permanent surveillance of the beach

As a follow up of previous funding requests from Stichting d’ONS in the past, the NGO received funding to ensure the proper supervision of the beach, and to appoint a local project manager recruited by d'ONS in addition to the project leader in the Netherlands.

The local project manager must radiate authority, stand above and between the cooperating parties and be an accessible point of contact for the patrols and volunteers on the beach. The local project manager is in close contact with d’ONS foundation and the Surinam Natuur Beheer ministry.

To stimulate the motivation of the anti-hunting protectors from Natuur Beheer, a bonus was made available to top off their meagre salary. An amount of € 5 per rescued was paid, after the nesting season. The anti-hunting protectors also received an attendance payment per day present.

To reach their goals and to extend the program, Stichting de Boomgaard donated EUR 32.000.

Name organisation

Stichting d’ONS

Contact person

Drs. Hendrik T. Comvalius


Lambertus Hortensiuslaan 66
1412 GX Naarden





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+31 35 69 53 405