Donation: EUR 18,860

  • EUR 2,500 on 02-04-2015 and
  • EUR 16,350 on 04-05-2015

Country: South Africa

The Ndlovu Youth Choir, a successful youth choir from South Africa, founded in 2009, is an opportunity for talented young people to escape the troubles in the townships.

Many of these children have been affected by the HIV / AIDS epidemic, their parents have died or they themselves are infected with HIV. Some have been raped, assaulted, drug addicted, victims of crime or become criminals themselves in order to survive.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir is an artistic program in which young people work directly on resilience, self-development and their self-esteem. They indulge themselves through song and dance and can forget their worries for a while. The choir gives these young people a direction and teaches them that they can do something good: sing! The Choir’s discipline puts them back on track and gives them a perspective for the future. A real impact is that all young people finish school and there are no teenage pregnancies among the girls in the choir.

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