• Pilot project: The Big House Fife Project – GBP 100,000 (22 June 2022)

  • Project: Start-up and expansion of the organisation - EUR 238,420 (30 November 2022)

Gordon Brown is the patron of The Cottage Family Centre, which focuses on distribution of surplus goods from the largest Amazon's warehouse in the UK. These are distributed to deserving families via local charities, schools and professionals. To cover the cost of warehousing and distribution, non-essentials surplus goods will be sold in partnership with other charities.

The contribution for 2023 helps launching an organisation to expand the model of the country of  Fife - the multibank for essential surplus goods from retailers – to reach needy families across the whole of the UK. This will start from the County of Fife in Scotland. Local warehouses, managed by charities, will be distributing goods to councils and to local charity organisations. Non-essential goods are sold, with the proceeds covering the organisation's costs and enabling expansion.

Name organisation

The Cottage Family Centre and National Family Centre

Contact Person

Pauline Buchan


29/31 Cawdor Crescent


Place, Country

Scotland - Kirkcaldy




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