Donation: EUR 20,000 (28-11-2019)
Country: The Netherlands, Amsterdam
Project: C Amsterdam LIVE

The C ("see") stands for really "seeing" and investigating the diverse city of Amsterdam, the neighborhoods and its inhabitants. With C-AMSTERDAM LIVE, the organisers were keen to create an online platform for local content, later narrowed the initiative with C-RESEARCH and investigated the the option to replace AT5, the local TV broadcaster of Amsterdam. The alternative envisaged was an informative, cross-media live streaming platform for local journalistic video productions in collaboration with a technical party (live streaming party - We Are Live), business partner (Feller Media), Nieuw Wij and debating center de Balie. Unfortunately they lost the bid for the local broadcast.

Name organisation

Stichting Toon Beeld Lokale omroep Amsterdam

Contact person

Mildred Roethof


Bosboom Toussaintstraat 39-3hg
1054 AN, Amsterdam


The Netherlands