Donation: EUR 1,315

  • EUR 500 (25-4-2018)
  • EUR 1,815 (14-08-2017)

Country: The Netherlands

In the Netherlands 20,000 children live with a rare muscle disease: a full football stadium. Spieren voor Spieren (muscles for muscles) aims to help all children with muscle diseases. Funds are collected with sports activities and events and with the efforts of top sports and child ambassadors. Funds go to scientific research, rapid diagnosis, the best treatment and innovative care in, among others, the Spieren voor Spieren Children center of the UMC Utrecht.

Stichting de Boomgaard supported Spieren voor Spieren in 2018 with the amount of EUR 500 and in 2017 with the amount of EUR 1.815.

Name organisation

Stichting Spieren voor Spieren


Mercatorlaan 1200
3528 BL Utrecht


The Netherlands



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