Donation: EUR 10.000 (28-12-2018)
Country: Suriname

The d’ONS Foundation stands for sustainable development in Suriname. d’ONS connects project requests in the field of sustainable development to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands. Ecotourism, water, sustainable products, forestry and sustainable energy sectors have been identified by d’ONS as potential sectors for sustainable development. The d’ONS Foundation is at the heart of the Dutch and Surinamese society. Via internships, d’ONS enables students to learn and participate with life in Suriname. In that context, the foundation has since the beginning of September 2011 become a recognized work placement company for HBO and MBO students.


d'ONS has been established in 2006. Since 2007, it has been consistently organizing seminars and workshops for the eco-tourism, solar energy, fruit farming, water (gold mining) and forestry sectors. From 2008 the foundation also carries out concrete projects with partners from the Netherlands and Suriname.

Name organisation

Stichting d’ONS

Contact person

Drs. Hendrik T. Comvalius


Lambertus Hortensiuslaan 66

1412 GX Naarden





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+31 35 69 53 405