Donation: EUR 10,000 (8-3-2020)
Country: The Netherlands, Beesel

Landgoed (estate) Heidenheim is an old estate with probable origins around 1650. It consists of old avenues, visual axes, a mirror pond with a motte, which used to be a spiral path with a cave and a hermit's hut.

Family and volunteers try to preserve this piece of Limburg culture and natural history.

Historically, a central avenue was constructed as the center line, which is crossed by a second avenue. The main avenue is 450 meters on both sides, with a total of approximately 70 historic beech trees interspersed with a few summer oaks. The Kruislaan consisted of approximately 600 meters of oak trees which have almost disappeared, although holes make the the positions of these trees still clearly visible.

The grant enabled them to improve the approach main avenue.

- 70 historic beech and oak trees were checked using a cherry picker and dead twigs removed;

- 70 pieces of native plant material (seedlings) dug from own forests were planted;

- young beeches were planted and protected by placing wooden posts;

Name organisation

Buitengoed Heidenheim

Contact person

Marc Niessen


Heidenheimseweg 1
5954 PB Beesel





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