• Project: Contribution to operational costs Academy in 2022 – EUR 36.000 (7 June 2022)

  • Project: Construction of demo farm, water reservoir, workshop and storage  – EUR 168.000 (22 June 2022)

  • Project: Organisation and operational costs Academy 2023 – EUR 100,000 (30 November 2022)

Nice Place is a unique leadership Academy, and shelter centre in the Kajiado district in the Maasai area in Kenya. The centre provides a safe learning environment for young women and girls at risk of being circumcised or of being married off as a child.

The Foundation’s training centre is expanding with a demonstration farm, training workshop and store for permaculture fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, hundreds of girls have been trained and graduated, new girls are attending college, collaboration with 20 high schools is taking place. In addition, a 10-acre area is being rock cleared and ploughed so that fruits and vegetables can be grown in a demo farm.

In 2022 an additional contribution was requested and granted to build the extra annex (storage) buildings next to the Academy, and in 2023 a grant will help to cover the organisation and teachers costs and school fees.

Name organisation

Nice Place Foundation (via Amref Flying Doctors)

Contact Person

Nice Leng’ete & Carolyne Datche


Kajiado County

Place, Country





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