Donation: EUR 5,000 (28-12-2018)
Country: The Netherlands

LittleBitz was a social start-up, powered by committed individuals and supported by sponsors, organisations and networks from the public and the private sector.

The aim was creating a digital platform for users to give directly to those in need, so that money immediately ends up where it is most effective. This would have given people autonomy to spend smart – on most urgent needs to increase long-term independence.

The LittleBitz platform was meant to revolutione the charitable world by teaming up with forward thinking NGOs, charities and businesses around the world to reach young new donors, slash costs and raise direct cash for the needy.

On the 10th of November 2020, Director Pepijn van Dijk informed our Board that they were unsuccessful in fulfilling their mission and that they had to stop their business.

Name organisation

LittleBitz Foundation

Contact person

Pepijn van Dijk


Kastanjeplein 170
1092 LC Amsterdam


The Netherlands



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+31 6 16364681