Project: Purchase of Kocherbos nature reserve, Muiderberg - EUR 200,000 (15 November 2021)

The Goois Natuurreservaat, supported in part by the contribution from Stichting De Boomgaard, was able to purchase the Kocherbos in Muiderberg. Kocherbos, an 8.5-hectare nature reserve, is home to many plants and animals, including 30 breeding bird species such as the long-eared owl and kingfisher, pine marten and squirrels. The forest will remain accessible to hikers and the hockey pitch will also remain in use.

Name organisation

Goois Natuurreservaat

Contact Person

Karin Kos


Singel 263H, 1012 WG Hilversum

Place, Country

The Netherlands - Muiderberg



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035 – 621 45 98