Project: Funding English- and Russian-language The Moscow Times - EUR 20,000 (15 November 2021)

Potamos Foundation owns The Moscow Times, an independent English- and Russian-language online newspaper. The English-language newspaper was published on paper in Russia from 1992 to 2017 and was both distributed for free and sold as a subscription. The newspaper was popular among foreign citizens living in Moscow and English-speaking Russians. The newspaper became online-only in July 2017 and launched its Russian-language service in 2020.

Journalistically, The Moscow Times is back and perhaps more impactful than ever before. The Russian edition offers an opportunity to give an extra boost to the brand. The Boomgaard Foundation contributes financially to this independent newspaper and to the future of a generation of young Russian journalists.

Name organisation

Stichting Potamos

Contact Person

Frits Barend


 Amsterdamseweg 123
1182 GR  Amstelveen

Place, Country The Netherlands - Amsterdam



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