Donation: EUR 5,000 (23-4-2019)
Country: South Africa

Ndlovu focuses amongst others on education for child and youth development. During a visit at a regional Department of Education in South Africa, Hugo Tempelman (Chair of the Ndlovu Trust) observed the lack of computers in anyone of the offices. The Circuit Manager said that everybody is computer literate, but that all admin for all schools is done manually. The couple Hugo and Liesje, organized a beneficial cycle tour to raise money for a better administration of thousands of children’s education. The donations were meant to purchase five computers, a network, tables and furniture for the Districts Office of the Department of Education in Moutse Limpopo.

Name organisation

Ndlovu Medical Trust

Contact person

Hugo Tempelman


22 Witstinkhout Street,
Globlersdal, 0470


South Africa



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+27 13 262 9000