Donation: € 9,170 (28-9-2020)
Country: The Netherlands/Greece

As a result of the fire in the Moria camp  at Lesvos in September 2020, around 10.500 people lived days and weeks on the street. The area was cordoned off by police and difficult to access.

  • Around 2,000 people were housed in a set up emergency camp.
  • About 1,500 people were around the burned down camp Moria without access to basic services.
  • The Greek NGO HOME FOR ALL, established in 2015, provided food to these 1,500 people.
  • Organization Connect by Music provides trauma therapy through a music program.

After the fire, the Connect by Music team has provided emergency relief through HOME FOR ALL by daily distribution of food to the group of 1,500 people named above.

  • This group of people had very limited (if any) ability to charge their phones.
  • There appeared to be a great need to charge a telephone, to find lost relatives, family members and friends and increase safety, by being able to warn and ask for help in case of calamities.

With the grant, 600 Waka-Waka solar power banks and lights were distributed in no time to 1.500 people.

Name organisation

Connect by music

Contact person

Adriaan Kok


Koninginnegracht 10
2514 AA Den Haag





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