Donation: EUR 20,300 (12-8-2020)
Country: Lebanon

The devastating explosion of the National Port of Beirut has killed at least 154-200 persons, injured more than 6,000 people and displaced 300,000 people including 80,000 children, as reported by UNICEF.

Connect Children Now (CNN)  has identified three priorities based to alleviate the impacts of the crisis on children and their families.

  1. Mental Health: provided psychological first aid along with psychosocial support to affected and displaced children in the Northern suburbs of Beirut. Many children are traumatized after this catastrophic incident and many have lost their parents and/or their siblings. Psychological aid helps children to cope with their grief, manage stress and release their fears. Reached were at least 1.500 children in 3 months.
  2. Basic Food Supply: provided food assistance for families survivals of the explosion including basic food items and milk for children. The targeted area was already impoverished before the blast and now that many have lost their livelihoods, families are financially struggling.

They expected to reach 3.600 families within 3 months.

  1. Medical Care: provided first aid and primary medical care to the wounded children and their families. The NGO treated injuries as well as infectious and non-infectious diseases that can become more prevalent due to the emissions of toxic gases, at the existing health facility of a partner organization in Bourj Hammoud. This area is overpopulated and was massively affected by the explosion. At least 3.000 individuals were treated within 3 months.

With the grant of Stichting de Boomgaard, CCN supplied medical materials like (sterile) bandage, betadine, steryl gloves, simple gloves, medicines and other first aid items. Demands for medical services were huge, as people had to come every other day to change on their wounds.

All medical procurements followed the DCI/CCN Leb procurement policy. Precautions and safety measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health were strictly followed to ensure the protection of staff and right holders from covid-19.

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Defence for Children International - Connect Children Now (CNN) 

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Nikita Shahbazi (fundraiser) or Manal Eid (country director)


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