LittleBitz was a social start-up, powered by committed individuals and supported by sponsors, organisations and networks from the public and the private sector.

The d’ONS Foundation stands for sustainable development in Suriname. d’ONS connects project requests in the field of sustainable development to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands. Ecotourism, water, sustainable products, forestry and sustainable energy sectors have been identified by d’ONS as potential sectors for sustainable development.

The Dutch Circular Leadership Conference took place at CIRCL on 28 November 2019. A unique network of leaders in the Netherlands came together under one roof.

The Moscow Times produced two multi-media projects:

  • The first project was about the generation of young people who grow up in Russia under President Putin
  • The second about Mothers and Daughters and the changing role of women in Russia.

In the Netherlands 20,000 children live with a rare muscle disease: a full football stadium. Spieren voor Spieren (muscles for muscles) aims to help all children with muscle diseases.