Stichting De Boomgaard was established on May 12, 2005 as a private grant-giving foundation.

The founders are two philanthropists who wish to support youth and children for which a grant will make a big difference. The foundation is operating on idealistic principles for charities or non-for profit organisations. The foundation was ranked as public benefit organisation and can make and receive tax-free donations.

The Nour Center is an Educational Center for Palestinian and Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Founded in 2013 it aims to meet the educational needs of newly arrived Syrian children and families in Burj El Barajneh.

With the grant, 600 Waka-Waka solar power banks and lights were distributed in no time to 1.500 people.

The devastating explosion of the National Port of Beirut has killed at least 154-200 persons, injured more than 6,000 people and displaced 300,000 people including 80,000 children, as reported by UNICEF.

Landgoed (estate) Heidenheim is an old estate with probable origins around 1650. It consists of old avenues, visual axes, a mirror pond with a motte, which used to be a spiral path with a cave and a hermit's hut.

The mission of Stichting 2 Oktober is to support independent journalism in Russia and the CIS countries. Freedom of the press and freedom of information are vital for gathering and distributing reliable, fact-based news, making this available to everyone.

The C ("see") stands for really "seeing" and investigating the diverse city of Amsterdam, the neighborhoods and its inhabitants. With C-AMSTERDAM LIVE, the organisers were keen to create an online platform for local content, later narrowed the initiative with C-RESEARCH and investigated the the option to replace AT5, the local TV broadcaster of Amsterdam. 

The Dirk Kuyt Foundation focuses on sports for the dis- and less abled people. From G-football to sailing and from wheelchair tennis to billiards for people with Parkinson. After all, sport not only has a physical function, but also plays an important role in social integration.

With the grant of Stichting de Boomgaard and other contributors, restoration of the windmill took place, in order to entrust it to a professional miller, and educate children and adults.

As a follow up of previous funding requests from Stichting d’ONS in the past, the NGO received funding to ensure the proper supervision of the beach, and to appoint a local project manager recruited by d'ONS in addition to the project leader in the Netherlands.

Ndlovu focuses amongst others on education for child and youth development. During a visit at a regional Department of Education in South Africa, Hugo Tempelman (Chair of the Ndlovu Trust) observed the lack of computers in anyone of the offices.

LittleBitz was a social start-up, powered by committed individuals and supported by sponsors, organisations and networks from the public and the private sector.

The d’ONS Foundation stands for sustainable development in Suriname. d’ONS connects project requests in the field of sustainable development to knowledge and experience in the Netherlands. Ecotourism, water, sustainable products, forestry and sustainable energy sectors have been identified by d’ONS as potential sectors for sustainable development.

The Dutch Circular Leadership Conference took place at CIRCL on 28 November 2019. A unique network of leaders in the Netherlands came together under one roof.

The Moscow Times produced two multi-media projects:

  • The first project was about the generation of young people who grow up in Russia under President Putin
  • The second about Mothers and Daughters and the changing role of women in Russia.

In the Netherlands 20,000 children live with a rare muscle disease: a full football stadium. Spieren voor Spieren (muscles for muscles) aims to help all children with muscle diseases. 

Stichting Spieren voor Spieren

Kasungu Elephant Foundation (KEF) in collaboration with Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi initiated first steps to introduce Permaculture farming in M'ndaka village on the boundary of Kasungu National Park (KNP).

Kasungu Elephant Foundation (KEF) in collaboration with Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi initiated first steps to introduce Permaculture farming in M'ndaka village on the boundary of Kasungu National Park (KNP).

Once every seven years, the Limburg village of Beesel is under the spell of the legend of Saint George and the dragon. This compelling battle between good and evil is brought to life in a theatrical way in a grand open air spectacle.

Because of the bad economy in Suriname in 2016, gamekeepers often were assigned other tasks, at the expense of their ranger work to protect the sea turtles. This was a disastrous situation! With help of volunteers the monitoring was on an acceptable level at Braamspunt beach and they kept the egg robbers away.

The Kofi Annan School (KAS) Foundation committed to build a Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Ajumako-Afranse in the autumn of 2015. The Foundation in that village helped earlier to build a nursery school, a primary school, a technical workshop with a toilet block and a six-classroom school for further education.

Fashion Positive provides accreditation for five key areas of waste reduction in material health, material reutilisation, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness.

The trainee used these ideas in set design and management in the film industry, which offers a world to win for circular use of materials.

IWPR gives a voice to citizens, journalists and human rights activists in war zones and countries in transition. IWPR trains and provides platforms for local reporters, strengthening the institutional capacity of local media and community groups, to create space for a locally constructive debate.

Its mission is to empower young reporters to become the voice of the community and to contribute to the living standards in informal settlements. NCMH helps youngsters from the slums to build up a career in the production of filmed content and supports them to obtain a sustainable source of income so that they can support their families.

Kuruwitu Conservation and Welfare Association was set up in 2003 by members of the community, concerned about the degradation of their seas. Over-fishing, climate change and uncontrolled fish and coral collection by the aquarium trade needed to be addressed before the marine ecosystem was damaged beyond repair.

In March 2015 the d’ONS and the country's Forest Management (LBB) from Suriname, launched a pilot project for volunteers, in addition to the regular game wardens, to protect the sea turtles on the beach of the vulnerable Matapica Wetlands.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir, a successful youth choir from South Africa, founded in 2009, is an opportunity for talented young people to escape the troubles in the townships.

Many of these children have been affected by the HIV / AIDS epidemic, their parents have died or they themselves are infected with HIV. Some have been raped, assaulted, drug addicted, victims of crime or become criminals themselves in order to survive.