Unlike other asset funds, Stichting De Boomgaard itself chooses initiatives, projects and people to collaborate with and does not handle applications.

Founders of De Boomgaard (Orchard) are Annemiek Hoogenboom and Boudewijn Poelmann.

  • Annemiek is UK country director for People's Postcode Lottery, founded in 2005, and from 2008 fully operating from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2013, People's Postcode Lottery expects to raise for local and international charities an amount of €10 million. She is chairman of books publisher Nieuw Amsterdam. She is a member of Filantropium (Dutch Philanthropy Forum). The association has a strict selection policy to form a forum of "peers" and leaders from civil society.
  • Boudewijn is founder of the Postcode Lottery, Chairman of the Charity Lotteries NV, and of Novamedia BV, and Supervisory Board member of Ahoy Rotterdam, Nieuw Amsterdam amongst others . The funds raised by the Charity Lotteries operated by Novamedia in The Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain make it the third private donor in the world.


De Articles of Association of the Foundation changed recently op 12 September 2013. De Foundation’s board consists of a minimum of three board directors, and currently consists of four board directors, and is represented by the board. The representation authority is vested in the President.